Milan, 9th December. Starting from tomorrow, Tuesday 10th December (with data from Sunday 8th December), Auditel will release also content and advertisement viewings via TV apps on a daily basis. This innovation represents a further, important development in the gradual implementation of the TV Total Audience on all platforms and on all devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and game consoles) started in June 2019 thanks to the new census measurement system. It is worth remembering that this system does not substitute but is used side by side with the traditional sample measurement system realized thanks to the SuperPanel®, the mega sample made of 16,100 households (41,000 individuals) that has no equal at global level for its ratio to the entire population.

Moreover, already in the first months of 2020, Auditel will be in a position of releasing the Library of Editorial Contents (LEC) and of the Unique Code of Video Adverts (UCVA), two strategic assets for the TV industry. Together with the SuperPanel® and the measurement of adv viewings, they will further boost the innovation of this sector also at an international level.

Finally, starting form this week, the release of the Auditel Digital Standard, the standard processing of the viewings on digital devices released on weekly basis, will be moved up from Tuesday to Monday at 4:00 p.m..


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