COVID-19 emergency: what Auditel is doing to protect its employees and to guarantee service continuity.


In order to contain and reduce risks and effects related to the COVID-19 emergency, Auditel has undertaken all necessary and appropriate measures and provided its employees with adequate IT instruments to allow smart working. Our operating activities have therefore had no interruptions and are carried on as usual.


Auditel is also confronting with its strategic suppliers in order to make sure that all necessary, preventive measures to face and possibly contain any consequence of the current emergency are undertaken and that their employees’ health is put first.


Auditel’s suppliers assure they have implemented what required and guarantee service continuity. Critical infrastructures are checked from remote and, in case of malfunctioning, a specific intervention protocol is contemplated – unless further restrictive measures on people’s mobility are adopted by the Government or by the competent Authorities.


In general, mobility restrictions, in particular of technical staff, besides complying with the Authorities’ requirements to limit unnecessary contacts with third parties, bring about the impossibility to perform a series of activities which require a direct intervention on site.


At the moment and in the short run, these restrictions will not impact on the activity of audience data collection. Nonetheless, Auditel, together with its suppliers and partners, will keep on monitoring on a continuous basis in order to verify the evolution of the situation and to implement measures to guarantee service continuity, where possible and necessary.


But it is not enough. As a regulated subject, responsible for collecting and releasing audience data in Italy, Auditel, in constant coordination with the competent Authorities, will be committed to do whatever it takes to verify the impact of the emergency on the collection of audience data, and to share and deal with them with maximum collaboration and transparency with all the market players.


For any communication with Auditel, please refer to the usual procedures and contact persons, which will be reachable at their emails.


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