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Brief manual for correct reading

Every morning, just before 10am, Auditel releases – for everyone - the sample audience data of about 400 national and local TV channels. In addition, there is a monthly release on national channels which covers: 1. Live audience + VOSDAL audience (Viewed On Same Day As Live, i.e. pre-recorded, paused or ‘rewound’ content viewed on the same day as broadcasting); 2. consolidated audience up to the 4th day following the broadcasting day (the standard for the advertising market); 3. consolidated audience up to the 7th day following the broadcasting day (the standard for editorial analyses). As far as the census data are concerned, they are submitted only to the bureaux every day at 6pm, and published with a weekly report every Tuesday at 10am. Below you can access the latest data released, offering a general overview of the Italian TV expressed in numbers. For national channels, the sample data refers to the individuals in target and the month’s average day per standard time bands, while the census data refers to the devices measured. There is also data on the total audience of the month’s average day for each platform. For local channels, the sample data is collected region by region and channel by channel and it refers to the net Contacts of the month’s average day (i.e. the number of viewers who watched that channel for at least one minute on the month’s average day). Here is all the latest data from the national TV stations

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Sintesi Settimanale

1 October 2022 Sintesi Settimanale
standard auditel digitale

Sintesi Settimanale

24 September 2022 Sintesi Settimanale
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How to get
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Auditel data set

The complete Auditel data set is available for everyone upon payment and upon request. Fees vary according to the type of user, its business size and the amount of information provided. Auditel separates two types of users in order to define distribution criteria and costs: measured TV broadcasters and other professional users.

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How TV channels
can request
to be measured

Every broadcaster can become part of our measurement system. The Auditel system ensures maximum inclusivity to any subject. It is also possible to request a trial period (when data are produced but not published) at the end of which it’s possible to decide whether to sign a one-year contract or not.