Welcome to the center
of the CUSV project

Here’s what the CUSV is
the unique coding system
for video commercials

The innovative measurement from Auditel,
the Unique Spot Video Code, can detect
the use of traditional TV campaigns
together with x-rolls of digital campaigns
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Auditel, in the same way it detects the TV ratings through the digital platforms of broadcasters (via pc, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, game console), now also measures the performance of advertising content through a proprietary encoding called CUSV (Unique Video Spot Code), which applies to both the context of traditional TV and that of TV enjoyed through the web. Auditel’s innovative measurement is able to detect the use of pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, using the main measurement metrics typical of the digital environment such as Legitimate Stream and Total Time Spent.
For traditional TV, the CUSV Code becomes a rationalization tool, since it provides a unique encoding usable by all classification systems.
All this happens thanks to the generation of a tracking code added to the metadata in VAST 4 format of the video file or to be inserted in the AD Repository.
The CUSV will allow TV-digital cross analysis of a campaign planned both on TV and on the digital properties (browser and APP) of broadcasters. The CUSV measures content delivered directly or via redirect on third-party adserver and ensures compatibility with various types of adserver (Google CM, freewheel, Sizmek).
The CUSV project, is launched on 23 May 2022 in a Beta Release. Advertisers are free to decide whether to disclose the digital data through the analysis software or opt for a report reserved to the Media Center that has edited the campaign.

What are the digital properties
that currently complement the CUSV

What types of campaigns are supported

Campaign Reservation

Direct campaign without automated buying
- Hosted by the dealer
- Redirect
- Internal redirect (loaded as redirect but hosted)

Campaign Programmatic

Guaranteed (o Reserved Deal)
- redirect
- hosted (asset creativo/TAG DCM)

Private Marketplace Deal (o Preferred)
- redirect
- hosted (asset creativo/TAG DCM)

Open RealTimeBidding
- redirect
- hosted (asset creativo/TAG DCM)

DSP supported in redirect

  • Google ADV 360
  • TradeDesk
  • AdForm
  • Adobe DSP
  • Amobee
  • Xandr
  • Amazon DSP
  • Quancast
  • MediaMath
  • Veryzone
  • TradeLab


What are the adservers, AdVerifier
and AdRepository supported


Google CM


Comscore VCE



Here is the CUSV manual for operators

  1. First of all, make sure that the customer (e.g. the Company XX that asks the Media Center to manage the campaign for the product YY) registers to the Advertisers Portal: https://adv.auditel.it
  2. After that, the Production Company must access the CUSV https://cusv.auditel.it, Portal, register, upload the creative video file and automatically obtain, in seconds, the CUSV Code
  3. The obtained code must be passed, along with the file, to the Media Center that will insert it in the adserver used (for example Google CM, Flashtalking, Sizmek) in the field "Universal adid"
  4. The same code will be inserted, by the Production House or by the Creative Agency, in the Ad Repository (adstream, Peach, RAI) for traditional television viewing.

NB: to allow the tracking of the digital campaign through the CUSV it is necessary to use the format VAST 4.x.
If the creativity has different seconds, or different formats (e.g. with or without frame) it is necessary to generate an ad hoc CUSV code for each version.

How to view the results of the CUSV

The MCS software house has a software that allows you to view the performance of the digital campaign tracked with CUSV code. However, during the current "beta phase" of the project, advertisers will be free to decide whether to disclose the digital data (detected on the properties listed on this page) through the usual analysis software or opt for a report reserved for the Media Center that has edited the campaign. The report, in this case, will include the following information, broken down by broadcaster and their properties:

Legitimate Stream Trend - Daily
Total Time Spent - Daily results
Legitimate Stream for Device Type - Daily
Legitimate Stream by Roll Type – Daily
TV Digital - Somma Legitimate Stream

The MCS software house has a software that allows you to track the advertisements transmitted on the following channels (certified by the MMS cataloguing system):

Rai 1
Rai 2
Rai 3
Rai 4
Rai Sport
Rai News 24
Rai Gulp
Rai Movie
Rai Premium
Canale 5
Italia 1
Rete 4
Cine 34
Top Crime
Mediaset Extra
Tgcom 24
La Sette
Sky Atlantic
Sky Atlantic +1
Sky Cinema Uno
Sky Cinema Uno +24
Sky Sport Uno DTT
Sky Uno
Sky Uno +1
Discovery Ch
Discovery Ch+1
Discovery Science
Food Network
Motor Trend
Real Time
HGTV - Home & Garden


The CUSV project is ongoing. Here are the next steps that will be completed by August:

  • 100% completion of the traditional TV channels covered by the CUSV service.
  • Completion of the implementations at the analysis software, which will allow all the Software Houses that currently disseminate the data Auditel, to join MCS, already completely on board the project.
  • Expansion of the detection perimeter to the channels:
Rai 5
Rai Scuola
Rai Storia
Rai Yoyo
Boing Plus
Prem. Action
Prem. Cinema 1
Prem. Cine1+24
Prem. Cinema 3
Prem. Cinema 2
Prem. Crime
Prem. Stories
Sky Cinema Action
Sky Cinema Collection
Sky Cinema Comedy/HD
Sky Cinema Drama
Sky Cinema Due
Sky Cinema Due +24
Sky Cinema Family
Sky Cinema Romance
Sky Cinema Suspance
Sky Meteo 24
Race Control (F1) / On Board
On Board Sky(F1)/Fly
SkyOnDemand1 HD
SkyOnDemand1 SD
Sky Sport 24
Sky Sport 251
Sky Sport 252
Sky Sport 253
Sky Sport 254
Sky Sport 255
Sky Sport 256
Sky Sport 257
Sky Sport 258
Sky Sport 259
Sky Sport 260
Sky Sport 261
Sky Sport 262
Sky Sport Arena
Sky Sport Collection
Sky Sport F1
Sky Sport Football
Sky Sport NBA
Nick Jr
Sky Sport moto GP
Sky Sport Serie A
Sky Sport Uno
Sky Tg24
Sky Tg24 (50)
Sky Tg24 Primo Piano
Sky Arte
Eurosport 2

For information you can write to the email address cusv@auditel.it.