Auditel is a Joint Industry Committee (JIC),
a reciprocal-control organization that brings
all TV market players together.


Joint Industry

Auditel has adopted the governance model recognized as the most advanced worldwide: it is a Joint Industry Committee (JIC), a reciprocal-control organization that brings together all TV market players, namely broadcasters, advertisers, media agencies and media buyers. The “market” component (i.e. advertisers, agencies and buyers) governs the majority of our Board of Directors, while broadcasters play a surveillance role.


The whole Auditel measurement process is trackable. Its algorithms and processing protocols are accessible and held in escrow: third-party auditors can reproduce the audience data at any time. Our activity is deeply rooted in the Italian regulatory framework and monitored by the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority (AgCom).

and BoD

Auditel is a limited liability company with the following shareholders: RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) 33%; RTI (Reti Televisive Italiane) 26,7%; UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati) 20%; Assap Servizi 13%; La7 3,3%; Confindustria Radio Televisioni 3%; FIEG (Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali) 1%.
In addition to the shareholders, and in order to guarantee the largest representation, the Board of Directors includes the delegates of Sky and Discovery as prominent market players.

A reciprocal-control governance

Auditel has continuously pursued compliance with the best international standards. In addition to adopting a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) governance model, controlled by competing players and recognized worldwide as the most advanced and independent, being fully aware of its role in such a sensitive field as a media currency, it has adopted an accurate and sophisticated verification process of both management and research. Hence, the Technical Committee and the Committee for Internal Audit, Risk, and Corporate Governance report to the Board of Directors, which defines the strategic guidelines on methodologies and technologies for measuring TV audience, and approves plans and balance sheets. The Technical Committee is a scientific advisory board which defines and monitors each development stage of the measurement system. It verifies and certifies the accuracy of research (design of the statistical sample; update of the population parameters; definition of the weighting system, statistical methods and measurement methods), all information technology activities (hardware and software, data bank architecture, quality standards) and security.

Corporate bodies

  • Board of Directors
  • Board of statutory auditors
  • Technical committee
  • Risk control committee
  • Supervisory body
  • Data Protection Officer
Auditel Auditel

Regulatory framework

Auditel is deeply rooted in the Italian regulatory framework. Its activity is supervised by the Communications Regulatory Authority (AgCom) and constantly monitored by the Antitrust Authority and the Data Protection Authority. Auditel has engaged in, and aims at maintaining, a continuous dialogue with the three Authorities as a guarantee for its activity and thus for the TV market.