Milan, April 20, 2021 – Auditel Shareholders’ meeting met today in ordinary session and confirmed the President Andrea Imperiali di Francavilla at the helm of the Company for the three-year period 2021-2023. As defined by the statute, his mandate will last three years and will therefore expire with the approval of the 2023 balance. The confirmation of Imperiali, who had taken over the leadership of the Company in 2016, was unanimously decided by the shareholders.

“I am happy to have the opportunity to continue the ongoing renewal process that will allow the Company to further strengthen its assets, thus facing the challenges determined by the great technological change and the new, consequent market dynamics in the best possible way” said the President while thanking the partners.

The Shareholders’ meeting also appointed as Board of Directors for the three year period 2021-2023 Alessandro Araimo, Michele Bauli, Massimo Beduschi, Corrado Bianchi, Elena Capparelli, Matteo Cardani, Marcello Ciannamea, Alberto Coperchini, Federico Di Chio, Andrea Di Fonzo, Uberto Fornara , Marco Girelli, Maurizio Giunco, Giuseppe Lavazza, Vittorio Meloni, Anna Elisa Messa, Roberto Nepote, Marco Paolini, Lorenza Pigozzi, Carlo Alberto Preve, Stefano Sala, Luca Sanfilippo, Stefano Spadini, Paolo Stucchi, Gian Paolo Tagliavia, Angelo Teodoli, Davide Tesoro Tess, Marco Travaglia, Nicoletta Zucchelli.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also appointed the Company’s new Board of Statutory Auditors, whose term of office expires together with the Board of Directors with the approval of the Balance 2023, which is composed of Claudio Santambrogio, appointed Chairman; Anna Maria Magro and Francesco Vittadini as standing auditors, and Michela Mazzoleni and Francesco Pietramala as substitute auditors.