Since October 2020, Auditel measures the performance of advertising contents by means of a new coding system: the CUSV.


The Auditel innovative

From October 2020, Auditel also measures the performances of advertising contents exactly in the same way in which TV views on digital devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles) are detected. This is possible through a proprietary coding called CUSV (Unique Spot Video Code), which applies both to the traditional TV and TV enjoyed through the web. Auditel's innovative measurement is meant to detect the access to pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll spots, using the main measurement metrics typical of the digital environment such as Legitimate Streams and Total Time Spent. As a result, this measurement allows to get specific information in terms of duration, product, campaign, disbursement context, investor, etc. This happens thanks to the generation of a tracking code added to the metadata of the video file and to the description of its characteristics throughout the delivery process towards the consumer's view: from the video wrapping in the post-production phase; loading on AdServers (of the media centers or provider); delivery to publishers' players; on the final step, Auditel collects the tracking code. The CUSV, therefore, will allow the TV-digital cross analysis of a planned campaign on both TV and the broadcasters' digital properties (browser and APP). The CUSV measures contents delivered directly or through redirects on third-party AdServers and guarantees compatibility with the different types of AdServers (Google, FreeWheel, Adagio, etc.). It is neutral with respect to the AdServer technology: an easy implementation in charge of those who upload contents to different AdServers.